YES !   We have an Medic Opening !!

BestCare has a full time 24 Hour Paramedic shift open.  The shift is 24 Hrs on, 24 Hrs off, 24 Hrs on and FIVE (5) days off.  Click here to view the Medic Schedule

We respect and care for our employees.....

We pay 100 percent of the employees health insurance plan. 

All of our Ambulances are less than 3 years old.

Our equipment is spectacular and immaculate.

The schedule is like having a mini vacation every week.

All of our Ambulance have power pro cots and Autoloaders
Check out our back saving Autoloader - Click Here

You can fill out the application below or Contact Nancy in our office at (603) 527-3553 for an application packet.

BestCare Ambulance Crews work 42 Hour Average hours per week. 

Paramedics work the Metro Shift.  1 Day on, 1 day off, another day on and then 5 days off.  The shift Totally Rocks !!  Click for a sample Medic shift Calendar.

EMT's work the same amount of hours on average, but have certain "Fixed Days" Monday through Thursdays.  This schedule was devised by the EMT's themselves.  This rather unique schedule, allows EMT's who are advancing their careers to attend Paramedic School and other specialized training, without the conflicts of a totally rotating schedule.

EMT's on the Monday or Tuesday "Fixed Shift" work alternate Fridays.  Those on the Wednesday or Thursday "Fixed Shifts", work Alternate Sundays.  Everybody works one Saturday in four.  Click the linked days to see an example of how they work.

Working Conditions Just Got Better in a Big Way

The Power Loaders Are in !!
Check out the Video below !

BestCare is committed to our employees.  That is why we have installed the stryker powerloads to compliment the power lift cot technology already on our ambulances for over 10 years.

While the big companies might point out that employees come and go, that they like sore backs and joke that Workers comp is cheaper than a power cot, at BestCare we believe that our employees are the best part of our business. 

That is not a hollow claim or a slick big corporate talking point. 

backs that claim up with real money investment, by purchasing the latest equipment to make the job safer and easier for the people who do the real work.

If you currently work for a big ambulance corporation and you don't have power cots and you don't have power loaders, ask why?  If BestCare can do it, why can't they?

Check out the Video below !

Contact Nancy in our office at (603) 527-3553 for an application packet.