YES !   We have an EMT Opening !!

We have an opening for an EMT.  24 Hour shift.  Fixed Mondays.

The EMT's designed this schedule themselves, so that they could have dependable days off to attend classes.

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Sample Schedule Here

Our equipment is top notch.  BestCare provides power cots and a lift free cot loading system, because employees matter. No more sore backs from using outdated manual equipment.

If you are looking for a great work environment, BestCare is the place.  Our excellent schedule and an environment of respect for every member of the team, makes us different from the big corporate players.  Your not simply another number at BestCare.

Please call the office or download an
application today.
BestCare Ambulance Crews work 42 Hour Average hours per week. 

Paramedics work the Metro Shift.  1 Day on, 1 day off, another day on and then 5 days off.  The shift Totally Rocks !!  Click for a sample Medic shift Calendar.

EMT's work the same amount of hours on average, but have certain "Fixed Days" Monday through Thursdays.  This schedule was devised by the EMT's themselves.  This rather unique schedule, allows EMT's who are advancing their careers to attend Paramedic School and other specialized training, without the conflicts of a totally rotating schedule.

EMT's on the Monday or Tuesday "Fixed Shift" work alternate Fridays.  Those on the Wednesday or Thursday "Fixed Shifts", work Alternate Sundays.  Everybody works one Saturday in four.  Click the linked days to see an example of how they work.
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Contact Nancy in our office at (603) 527-3553 for an application packet. Email to:  Jobs@bestcareambulance.org