YES !   We have a Medic Opening !!

Medics start at $32 / Hr.

That is $75,000 + per year on a 42 hour work week

BestCare has a full time 24 Hour Paramedic shift open.  The shift is 24 Hrs on, 24 Hrs off, 24 Hrs on and FIVE (5) days off.  Click here to view the Medic Schedule

We respect and care for our employees.

We pay 100 percent of the employees health insurance plan. 

Pay starts between $32-40 an hour.  Higher pay is based on Merit.

Our equipment is spectacular and immaculate.

The schedule is like having a mini vacation every week.

All of our Ambulance have power pro cots and Autoloaders.

You can fill out the application below or Contact Carol in our office at (603) 527-3553 for an application packet.

email to

Click here for Application
Check out our Autoloaders !
All BestCare Ambulances are equipped with Power Cots and Auto loaders, for the employee's comfort and happiness
Click on the image for the video !!